Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is JPornAccess.com?

Jpornaccess.com is a Premiere Adult site which offers it's members the best in Uncensored Japanese Movies. All in HD!

2. What are the costs of membership?

please see Join Page/

3. Will my membership be automatically renewed? Can I cancel my rebills?

Yes, depending on your subscription. If you signed up to the 2 days trial account, your account will be renewed to the 1 month subscription membership ($29.95 per month) after the trial period is over.
• If you have the 1 month subscription, you will be rebilled every month at $29.95 until cancelled.
• If you have the 3 months subscription, you will be billed every 3 months ($59.95)
• If you have the 1 year subscription, you will not be rebilled ever.
As for cancellation, you can cancel anytime for whatever reason and your account will be active until the next billing cycle.

4. How are the quality of the videos?

All Movies stream at HD Quality. You do not need any special player to watch. All you need is an internet connection and a pc/laptop and you can begin streaming instantly.

5. Why is there no download option?

Our service is a stream-only model. This allows us to have the lowest rates in the industry.

6. Is your content Exclusive?

Our content derives from our Flagship Japanese site - Caribbeancom.com. Only a select handful of sites are allowed to use our content

7. Why are Movies watermarked with DRP and caribbeancom?

Jpornaccess was created for the English Speaking Market, but we also wanted to keep the content as natural to the niche as much as possible. Therefore, we did not remove the existing watermarks on there. Do not worry however, we are officially authorized to sell all content seen on the site.

8. Privacy, Protection, and Security

We take Privacy, Protection and Security very seriously. All transactions with JPornAccess.com are processed in 128bit SSL encryption through ccbill merchat services. All information passing through their systems are protected and kept secure. JPornAccess.com does not share, sell or trade your personal information with any third parties. Your data will be held in strict confidentiality.

9. I signed up, but have not received a confirmation.

You may not have sent us your correct email address. Occasionally people fail to include @yourhost.com or @yourhost.net. You need to include this information so we will have a correct address to send confirmation to.

10. I have lost/forgotten my Username and/or Password.

No worries. You can retrieve your lost password through our password retrieval link:

11. How will this charge appear on my credit card statement?

Charges will appear as "CCBill-Digital Pulse".

12. How may I cancel?

Please submit your cancellation request through our Membership Cancellation link.

Alternatively, you may submit a ticket and we can cancel it on your behalf: https://service.d2pass.com/jpornaccess/inquiry.

13. How do I know that my membership was cancelled?

Once you have cancelled your account through our Membership Cancellation link you should have received an email confirming this cancellation. If not, please contact us to confirm - https://service.d2pass.com/jpornaccess/inquiry.

14. Problems Accessing Movies? Contact us directly

Please contact us directly and we will sort this out together:

Have a question that was not answered in this F.A.Q.?

Please visit the following page: https://service.d2pass.com/jpornaccess/inquiry

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